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Mine finally gave me her identification, but asked me what possible questions I had for her and WHY I was asking. She was definitely aggressive, despite my appearing in hospital scrubs and having informed me that I was just home from the hospital after surgery for a kidney stone.

She mentioned that wind energy was a factor in providing my energy and that it would save me money. I was told that the purpose of her using my information was for deregulating the industry.

I would like to know some information before I proceed, but she said she didn't need me to sign anything. So can someone tell me why she was at my door?

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She was at your door to try and get you to switch your electricity supplier to Clearview. Your utility will deliver your electricity, but you have a choice of suppliers, including the Standard offer, at about 6.44 cents per kilowatt-hour, and any one of many other competitive suppliers, including Clearview.

Anyone thinking of switching their electricity supplier should read ALL the fine print when they sign up, including the "welcome letter" that they get after signing up. Many of them lure you in with a low introductory price in hopes that when your contract runs out, you won't bother to renew and they switch you to a very expensive month-to-month rate.

Buyer beware!

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